Diploma of Christian Theology


The Diploma of Christian Theology (DCT) is designed for believers who to develop their biblical understanding.  This is great for believers, lay leaders, pastors, and other people serving the Lord.

Enrollment Requirements

Applicants for the DCT must meet the following requirements:

- Be a professing Christian active in their home church

- Be at least 17 years old


Courses for the DCT are $90, and that includes your textbook and all related fees

The annual cost of the DCT program is $360 and students may prepay if they desire.  Because the tuition is already so low, we are not able to offer a discount for prepayment.  


Each course in the CCM lasts 8 weeks, for a total of 2 classes per 16 week semester.  Each class is 3 credits.  

Classes are taken in the following order:

- Semester 1A: Hermeneutics (THEO100)

- Semester 1B: Theology (THEO110)

- Semester 2A: Christian Ethics (THEO120)

- Semester 2B: Church History (THEO130)

- Semester 1A: The Life of Paul (THEO200)

- Semester 1B: The Sermon on the Mount (THEO210)

- Semester 2A: Old Testament (THEO220)

- Semester 2B: New Testament (THEO230)

Course Overview

Hermeneutics (THEO100) teaches students how to study their Bibles, drawing out the meaning of the text.  Students will complete outline exercises and become knowledgeable about the science of Biblical interpretation.

Theology (THEO110) introduces students to Christian theology.  Students will be familiar with the concepts of Biblical inherency, salvation, the Trinity, and more.  

Christian Ethics (THEO120) introduces students to the various ethical issues Christian face.  Students will complete reading assignments and create case studies to provide decision making experience with regard to ethics.

Church History (THEO130) studies the reformation event.  Students will learn of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, and the circumstances surrounding his break from the Catholic Church.  

The Life of Paul (THEO200) provides students the opportunity to perform a biographical study of the Apostle Paul.  Here, students will study Paul before, during, and after his conversion, and the ministry that followed.  

The Sermon on the Mount (THEO210) provides an in-depth study of Jesus sermon spanning Matthew 5-7.  Students will understand the Beatitudes, the commandments on love, and other important aspects of the Christian faith. 

Old Testament (THEO220) takes students through an Old Testament in a survey.  Students will be exposed to the different types of literature and events of the Old Testament.

New Testament (THEO230) takes students through a New Testament survey.  Students will become familiar with the gospels, epistles, and the different doctrines of New Testament theology.


The Shepherd's Bible Institute is unique in that we do not administer tests.  In our experience, tests have proven to be a poor method of evaluation.  

Rather than tests, each student will complete a weekly reading assignment.  Students will also make original posts to an online class forum, and comment on others' posts.

Additionally, students will complete regular writing assignments, due at the beginning of class their assigned week.

Students will be evaluated based on participation, both in class and online, and through their turned in assignments.