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frequently asked questions

What denomination is SBI?

The Shepherd's Bible Institute is a non-denominational educational ministry.

Will my credits transfer?

All students receive academic transcripts to use for transfer, and SBI will provide these free of charge to any school requesting them on your behalf.  As is the case with every educational institution, the  receiving institution determines how they will be evaluated.  

SBI has formed articulation agreements with other Christian colleges. See Partners under the About Us tab.

Does previous Bible training count at SBI?

Previous Bible education of equivalent weight and substance will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Students must earn 1/2 the required credits at SBI to receive an SBI certificate or diploma.

What is the doctrine of SBI?

SBI holds a theologically conservative position.  For our full Articles of Faith, please see Affiliation under the About Us tab.

What denominations learn at SBI?

All Christian denominations are welcome.  We currently have students from non-denominational, Baptist, Mennonite, Methodist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Reformed churches learning at SBI.

How can I enroll?

We accept applications year round and start class each Fall.  Since we limit the number of students we admit to any one class, it is suggested you apply sooner than later.  Download the application and email it to us as soon as possible.