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how it works

Enrollment & Tuition

Students wishing to attend SBI will download the application and statement of faith found on the homepage.  Once the application is completed, email it to the designated address.  It's that easy!

Each class costs just $90, and that includes books and fees.

Students pay tuition either all at once, or as they go.  Because our tuition is so low, we are unable to provide discounts for prepayment.

Cohort Based Class

You will start with a group of others and progress through the entire program with together.  While some students may be added later on, this group will remain generally the same until you graduate.

Classes are usually 60-90 minutes and include time of prayer, discussion of the week's assignments, and turning in assignments.  

Regular students who complete all eight courses will be eligible to graduate at SBI's annual graduation, held in the Summer.  

Work & Assignments

Students will complete reading and writing assignments.  Tests are not used as they provide an historically poor evaluation of learning.

Students will log into the online classroom, locate their syllabus, weekly and daily assignments, post to forums, and respond to others' posts.  

Students will be evaluated based on work turned in, and in-class and online participation.


For those wanting to participate in the class without submitting assignments for credit, we offer an auditing option.  To audit a class, the student must still enroll as if they were a regular student, however the only requirement for admission is the person be a believer and active in their church.

The price of auditing any class is $70 and includes the book, and the auditing student must enroll under the same deadlines as a traditional student.

Since group discussion is the foundation of weekly classes, to protect the integrity of the group, those auditing the class will be held to the same attendance standards as a traditional student.  Also, the auditing student is expected to keep up with the reading portion of the class so they will be prepared to substantively contribute to group discussion.  Also, all classroom policies shall apply to auditing students.

Auditing  students receive no credit for the class, but they will receive a transcript showing the courses audited.  Should an auditing student wish to earn credit for an audited class, they will be required to retake the course as a traditional student.