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Accreditation is important for the purposes of ensuring quality in education.  There are several accreditors that work with faith-based schools such as the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), Association of Theological School (ATS), and Transnational Association of Christian Schools (TRACS).

Because SBI is a ministry of a Shepherd of the Hills Church and not a stand-alone educational institution, we are not eligible for conventional accreditation.  Also, because this process is very expensive, and our mission is to provide high quality education at low tuition rates, accreditation is cost prohibitive for us.


We still recognize, however, the need to be accountable and respected in the Christian academic community (which is also part of our mission).  For this reason, and to provide our students with an educational experience they can continue to develop beyond our walls, we have done several things:

  1. We have designed our coursework in keeping with accredited standards of learning.  This means the courses you take at SBI will have the same level of quality of those you will find at other institutions and Bible Colleges
  2. We have partnered with Bible Colleges and/or seminaries for articulation.  That means credits earned at SBI can be applied directly to programs within these colleges.  And because our tuition is only $90 per course, you will save considerably on any degree program you pursue!  
  3. We continuously examine our course offerings to ensure we are providing the highest level of academic quality possible.
  4. We have embraced online learning technology (Moodle) to allow students to benefit from both virtual and residential learning environments.  This ensures no matter where your educational journey takes you after you graduate from SBI, you will be ready!



Students of SBI may transfer their earned credits of a "C" or better to Calvary Chapel University and apply them to a degree of their choice.  

Calvary Chapel University provides online education for those wanting to grow their knowledge of the Bible and their Christian faith.  Programs include Christian Education, Biblical Counseling, Biblical Studies, and more.

Calvary Chapel University provides Certificates, Associates, Bachelors, Masters of Arts, and a Master of Divinity Degree.

You can learn more about Calvary Chapel University by visiting them at https://calvarychapeluniversity.com


Students graduating from the Shepherd's Bible Institute may articulate directly to Grace College, applying their SBI credits directly toward an Associate or Bachelor degree program of their choice.  

Grace provides world-class residential and online Christian education in multiple disciplines, including: business, ministry, theology, psychology, human services, education, and more.

Students articulating to Grace from SBI will receive transfer credit for all courses completed with a "C" (2.0) or better.       

Check out their website www.grace.edu

Students from Shepherd's Bible Institute can transfer their credits directly into a degree program of their choosing at Lancaster Bible College.

Lancaster Bible College provides both online and residential degree options from Associates to Doctoral programs.  Majors include criminal justice, education, worship, ministry, business, and more.

Students of SBI may also be simultaneously enrolled at LBC so they can complete their degree faster.

Check out their website at www.lbc.edu